About Us


The Montana Association of Private Investigators and Security Operators (M.A.P.I.S.O.) is an organization of professional Private Investigators and Security Operators who are properly insured and who have passed the stringent licensing requirements as established by the State of Montana’s Department of Labor.

Pursuant to Montana State statutes and regulations anyone, with the exception of an insurance adjuster, who conducts any type of investigations for any type of consideration must be properly licensed by the State. Prior to hiring any Private Investigator or Security Officer you are strongly encouraged to first determine that the person has a current license issued by the Department of Labor. To check licensing status, or to report an unlicensed individual, please feel free to contact the Board of Security at the contacts listed below:

Montana State Board of Security
P.O. Box 200513
Helena, MT 59620
Telephone:  #406-841-2335
Fax:  #406-841-2305
Web site:  www.mt.gov/dli/bsd/license/bsd_boards/psp_board/board_page.asp

This directory consists of licensed, Private Investigators who are licensed by the State of Montana and who are proud members of our Association. This directory is divided into categories as follows: 

  • Alphabetical listing of the names of the individual Private Investigators
  • Alphabetical listing of the names of the Private Investigation agencies
  • Informational site for each agency, listed alphabetically by geographical location of office (Montana offices listed first and then out of state)
  • Code explaining particular types of investigations performed by each agency